Marineland Perfecto Glass Canopy - for 46 Euro Bowfront

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Manufacturer: Marineland
MPN: 36460

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Complete your Perfecto 46 Euro aquarium with a stylish glass canopy. Beautiful crystal clear glass will allow your lighting to cast the most natural and unhampered light upon your aquarium inhabitants without the risk of splashing the bulb. Not guaranteed to fit other brands of aquariums.


Warranty90-Day Warranty
Width15.25 in.
Max Tank Size46 gal.
Length35.125 in.
Internal Id

Euro Canopy


It took a couple of months to get it so don't be in a hurry when you order the canopy. It's about a 1/4" too long but its better than having a broken canopy like I had because I tried to force it to fit

not great quality


this product can be measured wrong. the back fits nicely however the front bow area was misaligned so it doesnt close properly. i will have to take it to a glass shop and have about 1/4 inch cut off the front area.

46 BowFront Canopy


Very unsatisfied - glass is not cut to correct size so top will not close all the way down. Just about a millimeter off.

46 gal canopy


I'm glad I finally received it! It does fit snuggly and had to wiggle and maneuver it in place. Much better than what I had, a piece of plastic. Took 2 months to receive, but I wasn't in a hurry as long as I knew it was coming eventually. Happy.

46 bowfront canopy


Fit exactly to my fishtank. glad to find someone who still has it. very satisfied!

Does Not Fit Correctly


Glass is not aligned correctly in hinges. ThatPetPlace told me to remove glass and adjust it. Why should I have to do that and possibly break it when I bought a perfectly new product?

46 Euro Bowfront


Canopy fits perfect for my marineland tank. Was worried after reading some of the reviews on it but it the exact quality of the original lid and fits great



FIts perfectly on my Marineland/Perfecto aquarium. People below most likely have a 46 Bowfront by Aqueon.... They so silly.

Good Product


I actually recieved my glass pretty quickly. It also came with a plastic filler for the rear of hte glass. You can cut out around your hoses to make a nice fit. The glass is a liitle tight in the front corner but works great.

Fits great...


...on a Perfecto tank. Might not fit Aqueon or All-Glass Brand tanks.

fit perfect


I am very happy with it. And it came in just a few days. Thanks much.

New Glass Canopy for 46 Euro Bowfront


The glass canopy I ordered arrived within
<br>a few days and fit perfectly! I am very satisfied!

New glass canopy


It fit perfectly on my aquarium and looks beautiful! It was also packed very well and arrived in perfect condition :)

Fits 46 gal National Geographic Aqarium


I was able to get a very good bargain on a 46 gal National Geographic tank at Petsmart. However it was missing the glass canopy. I ordered this canopy and it fit perfectly out of the box.

thank you


I am very pleased with my glass canopy & LED
<br>lights. they are so pretty.thaks to everyone

Does Not Fit - Not satisfy


The plastic pieces that connects to the back of the glass fits perfectly, but the glass is 2mm to long. It is supposed to be 35.125 inches but it the glass is closed to 34-1/4 inches long. The bow curve is way off too. The glass length should be between 35 to 35.125 inches to ensure fit.

Exactly what I was looking for


I have a 46 gallon bowfront Marine land aquarium, I have been searching for a lid since January. When this lid arrived it didn't seem like it fit but that is only because the glass wasn't lined up exactly even in the hinge, so we just moved it over an eighth of an inch and it fits perfectly. It arrived in a huge box surrounded by tons of bubblewrap so it was not broken when it arrived. It came in five business days where some places take a month so overall I am very happy.

it's too long....about 1.25 too long. I needed it exactly 35


glass is not cut to correct size so top will not close all the way down. Just about a millimeter off.

Fast delivery, well made, but doesn't exactly fit all 46 gal bowfronts


I was happy to find this canopy for a fairly decent price. I ordered it since it clearly says it fits a 46 gallon bowfront. Only took a week or so to get it and I was ecstatic because it was the last piece of my aquarium puzzle I needed to set it up! Luckily I tried fitting immediately instead of assuming it would fit Because the glass was too long and wouldnt fit inside the lip of my tank. Long story short, I do construction and modified the lip of the tank by sanding each side until it finally seated on the top. Also the bowfront part is not exactly right so it leaves a gap on each side in the front because the middle hits first. All that being said, I was able to set up my aquarium, it looks great & and only we will ever know that it didnt originally fit or it has gaps in between the glass and lip on the front. The glass is thick & well made. It was about 1/4 inch off on the front.

Exactly what I needed!


I am very satisfied with this canopy. Like some, I was worried when reading the reviews about it not fitting properly. However, if you have the aquarium that the lid is advertised for (Marineland 46 gallon bay front aquarium), you will not have a problem. My lid fit perfectly. A word of caution, make sure you mount the handle on the correct side that folds! Otherwise, you will have to remove it with a knife and use your own super glue to affix it to the other side. Just don't be foolish like me and you'll be fine. The back plastic piece is a little difficult to get on because it has such a snug fit, but that's what you want anyways.



Received my top in good condition. Very well packed. This lid fit my tank perfectly. Had my tank for about 20 yrs. Forgot the name brand and I thought it was a 48 gal. tank. Thank You (That Fish Place) for carrying this item.

Perfect fit, great price!


I looked everywhere for a replacement canopy before I found this store. I was a little wary of ordering it since I needed it immediately and all the reviews said it took a couple of months to arrive. I ordered and was shocked it arrived in less than a week and was perfect for my tank. It came well wrapped in bubble wrap for protection. I will definitely order from here again!

Help need a glass canopy for a bow front aquarium


I have a National Geographic 46 inch bow front and could not find glass canopy to fit after calling they told me they were not sure it would fit but I could return came today and fits like it was made for this aquarium thanks