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Marineland Perfecto Glass Canopy - 48 in. x 13 in.

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Perfecto Canopies are the economical, yet stylish way to top off your aquarium. With a polypropylene hinge for easy access to your tank, as well as a plastic back strip that can be cut for heaters, filters, etc., these canopies provide protection for your fish while allowing you to customize your lighting setup. Long-lasting performance, made to fit all Perfecto Aquariums. Glass top contains 2 sections designed for use with 40E, 55 gallon, and 60 gallon Perfecto aquariums.

Not guaranteed to fit other brands of aquariums


Warranty90 day Warranty
Width11.25 in.
Length23 in.
Max Tank Size60 gal.
Internal Id



Poorly cut, razor sharp edges and did not fit width- wise even with extension

Marineland Perfecto Glass Canopy 48


Fit My Tank Perfect

Nice Tops


Bought this for my 55g that has a divider bar across the top. A nice snug fit and lets the light through a lot better than my old ones. Would have been nice if the glass edges were rounded and plastic accessary strip needs to be pressed on instead of sliding on.

Glass top


You have be careful with these. Sometimes the perfecto lid does not fit the aqueon tank width-wise. Aqueons are 1/8" wider.

glass top


perfect fit on a marineland 60 gallon with a aqueon 75 hob filter. clear plastic top handles are working perfect, no issues with them popping off of glass.

Perfecto Glass Canopy


I LOVE THIS ,,,,,,,,,, it fits perfectly with my new 60 Gallon Marineland Aquarium. I highly reccomend this product to ANY ONE Purchase one to fit your tank ,

works great


perfect fit on my perfecto aquarium. if you do not have a perfecto aquarium, you have to make sure the dimensions will fit your aquarium.



Perfect fit for marineland 60 gal.

marineland Perfecto Canopy 48 x 13


Fits the Tetra 55 perfecto

perfect fit


I was not sure what brand fish tank I had but the measurements matched so I purchased the tops and they fit perfectly..thanks that fish place

Perfect Fit


Fits perfectly on my Marineland 60 gl

Finally, a canopy that's actually 23".


Fit my 55 gal tall Marineland aquarium perfectly! If you've been trying to find a canopy that is actually 23" (not 23.2" that Top Fin & Aqueon's are) then this is the canopy for you. I purchased this to replace my Top Fin canopy that was too big by a fraction of an inch.
<br>The glass is very sturdy, it survived me dropping it on a tile floor in a poor attempt to hold too many things at once.
<br>The plastic strips are easy to cut with some snipers or heavy duty scissors.
<br>They packaged it very well, I had concerns about having glass shipped, but this thing was packed with a lot of bubble wrap. They really went the extra mile.

Fit unknown 55 gallon aquarium purchased of Craigslist


I expected an aquarium I bought of craigslist was either a MarineLand 55 gal or 65 gal. I have another aquarium I know is the MarineLand Heartland 60 gallon brand that was very similar in dimensions that used this canopy dimensions. This fit the unknown from craigslist perfect.