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Maxi-Jet 400 Water Pump (110/500 GPH)

4 Reviews


Maxi-Jets are three pumps for the price of one! They can prevent waste build-up and dead spots as propeller-style circulation pumps and run undergravel filters as power heads. A venturi makes them great as utility pumps to power protein skimmers. Ideal for other uses well. Fully adjustable output. Can be run externally or submersible.

  • Power Head Mode: 110 gph
  • Circulation Mode: 500 gph
  • Utility Mode: Max. head height: 3 ft.
  • Specifications

    Flow Rate750 gph
    UL ListedYes
    Warranty2 years
    Max Flow750 gph
    Max Wattage5
    Max Head Height3 ft.
    Length3 in.
    Width2.75 in.
    Height2.75 in.
    Inlet/Outlet0.5 in. outlet
    Internal Id


    Click here to download the manual from Marineland's website.

    Ratings & Reviews

    4 reviews



    I have used the whole line of pumps for many years. It's a great bang for your buck.
    <br>The good the bad and the ugly sides of the pumps...
    <br>The plastic suction mount bracket breaks easy and with age gets very brittle
    <br>on the other side I mentioned age so the pumps last quite a long time.
    <br>Impellers with age tend to fall apart however I mentioned age again the pumps last quite a long time.
    <br>I used the model 1200 and 900 in Circulation Mode the pump can reverse water flow every now and again. I purchased the two pumps used and something may have broken or was missing from the previous owner. I am only mentioning this because I lost a fish and can not rule out the possibility it got sucked in because of the reverse action.
    <br>The pumps are so popular other companies make accessories for them such as magnet holders.
    <br>All and all I give them a 4.5 stars



    3 worthless pumps in one cheep product don't buy waste of money noisy no power-spend the extra cash and get a real power head

    maxi jet


    these pumps are awesome. out of all the $45-$65 pumps break while the maxi jets are still pumping... if you can stay with this brand.

    Great Power Head, Great Price!


    This works great as a power head on my underground filter in my 45 gallon hex tank! The price can't be beat!