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Parasitic and Bacterial infections don't stand a chance with MetroPlex (formerly Metronidazole)

When you find your fish infected with such nasty bugs as Ich or Hexamita, grab the MetroPlex and say goodbye to infection. This fast and effective treatment is safe for biological filtration and is easily removed with carbon after treatment. For freshwater or marine fish. 

Please note, MetroPlex is sold by volume and does not fill the entire container.

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Treats up to265 TO 530 GALLONS
Internal Id
Active ingredients: metronidazole (70%)

Inactive ingredients: excipients (30%)
Directions: Use 1–2 measures (each about 100 mg) for every 40 L (10 gallons). Measurer included. Repeat every 2 days until symptoms disappear. Turn off UV, ozone, and chemical filtration. To feed, blend 1 measure with about 1 tablespoon of frozen food paste. To minimize loss during feeding use with Focus. Food may be refrozen.

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It works


Yes it's pricey, but it works, I put it in their food every day, along with the focus and garlic guard, and it gets rid of the parasites and keeps them gone, I have a 360 gallon coral reef salt water tank, it's too expensive to treat the tank, putting it in the food, ever morning, keeps the fish healthy.



I know it is VERY expensive, but after losing 5 fish to ICH wasting my time and money on that other crap I broke down and bought it. In three days all spots were gone and the fish are looking much less stressed. No scraping the wood and gravel (or each other for that matter) trying to scratch. I also used more than recommended. I did the 100mg every other day, but on the off day I fed it to them in their food.

The Best


This is the best metronidazole I have used ever, 100% pure no excipients but I use 200 mg each 10 gallons every 24 hs.