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Atlantic Mudskipper - Periophthalmus barbarus

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The most commonly available mudskipper in the pet trade is Periopthalmus barbarus, a fairly hardy species that reaches a length of 6 inches. Like all mudskippers, it hails from brackish water areas/habitats where the water is neither purely marine nor fresh

Mudskippers are fairly tolerant in their salinity requirements, and will do well under typical brackish water aquarium conditions (salinity of 1.005-1.015) and temperatures of 75 - 80F. They require a "beach" area, which can be a separate, drainable plastic container within the main aquarium or designed as small islands fashioned from non-toxic tree roots, coral heads and rocks. The popular “aqua-terrariums” now on the market make excellent mudskipper homes as well. Remember to keep the water shallow, or to provide easy access to land, as they are poor swimmers (not something you usually worry about when keeping fish!).

Most mudskippers do well in captivity if provided with a suitable habitat. Males, however - distinguished by their large dorsal fins and bright colors - are very territorial, and dominant specimens will make life miserable for others, so plan your group and space accordingly.

For more information, visit our Mudskipper Species Profile page.
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Pure Aquatic
Common NameAtlantic Mudskipper
Scientific NamePeriophthalmus barbarus
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