Nite Out II - 8 oz.

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Manufacturer: Ecological Laboratories
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Rapid ammonia and nitrite relief, naturally with Microbe-Lift Nite Out II. Designed for use in freshwater or saltwater tanks, Nite Out II eliminates toxic effects of ammonia using a proprietary blend of natural bacteria. Knock out dangerous nitrogenous compounds quickly and naturally with Microbe-Lift Nite Out II.


Ecological Laboratories
Package Size8 oz.
Treats up to472 gal.
Internal Id


Nitrifier bacteria, 40%
Water, 60%
Sodium bicarbonate, 1%
Preservative, less than 1%


Shake well before using. For optimum nitrification and ammonia removal, first treat your aquarium with MICROBE-LIFT/Special Blend, with select cultures to reduce organic levels that may inhibit the natural nitrifications process. Because nitrification requires adequate levels of alkalinity, check the aquarium water's pH level. Saltwater slows down bacterial action. For faster results add 25%-50% more product.

New Tanks: Add 1 tsp. (5 mL.) per 10 gal. (38 L.), every other day, until Ammonia level is acceptable. Established Tanks: Add 1 tsp. (5 mL.) per 10 gal. (38 L.) of tank water after every partial water change as well as every time new fish are added to the tank. NOTE: Shelf life is 18 months. DON'T FREEZE. Store at room temperature. Avoid sunlight. Refrigerate 38°F (4°C) - 45°F (7°C) after opening to prolong shelf life.

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