Nitromax - 16 oz.

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Nitromax creates an instant filtration system in your aquarium. It dramatically-reduces cycling time for new aquariums, allows more fish to be safely added to an aquarium, rapidly reduces ammonia and nitrite levels. Contain 10 billion live nitrosomonas and nitrobacter per bottle. Note: Bacterial will remain 100% viable for 9 full months after opening, when kept refrigerated. Treats up to 870 gallons.


Tropical Science
Package Size14.5 oz.
Treats up to860 gal.
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Highly concentrated, pure blend of nitrosomonas and nitrobacter bacteria for super-quick cycling and establishment of biological filter. Non-Pathogenic. No heterotrophic “filter” bacteria. More than four times the amount of nitrifyers than other product on the market.


Directions For Use: Always shake container before use and refrigerate after opening. For new aquarium set-ups, add 1 tablespoons (5 ml) per 10-gallons of water every other day until ammonia level becomes acceptable. For established aquariums, us the same dosage when performing partial water changes, and each time new fish are added to the aquarium.

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It seems to help


OK, I have to admit my ignorance in terms of cycling times and ammonia reduction. Generally, I use this when starting a new tank or making a "Spring Cleaning" of my aquariums. All I know is that any fish death have really gone down.
<br>More than anything, I give it 5 stars, in part, due to great prices and service.

Clear Water


I like the results the Nitro-Max creats. I use several good bacteria additives in an attempt to prevent a dominant bacteria strain. The Nitro-Max seems to give me the best results of the four additives- Nitro-Max & Nitro Max Marine, Stress Zyme and Cycle. I have 8 year old big eaters that poop alot in a semi-brackish tank. "I have never seen tank water so clear" was a comment from my brothers whom both are also aquarists. The bubbles are like diamonds floating to the surface. Clear N Clean Water.