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Oceanvisions Background - Crystal Black - 23 in. (Sold by ft.)

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Oceanvisions is a vinyl, water proof "sticker" background which eliminates water stains, salt/lime buildup, dirt and any other foreign matter from ever appearing on the back glass of your aquarium. The background is waterproof and lasts for years and it is easy to remove when redecorating your tank.

Size: This background is 23" high. The quantity requested will determine the length of the background.

For application instructions, download the product data sheet.


Height23 IN.
Internal Id

Not what I expected!!!!


Product sent did not have any instructions for application. I know it is just a vinyl cling but some type of instruction would have been easier as I have some issues when looking through the tank it appears to have air bubbles not ahered tightly. Although looking & feeling from the back of the tank it has no bubbles & ahered smooth & tight.
<br>Also who ever cut or pkged the item, had some type of chemical on their hands that left
<br>un-removable finger prints.

Oceanvision Background


NO INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO APPLY. Still trying to find out.<br><br><i>That Fish Place: Thanks for commenting. The instruction manual is now available on the item's page and can also be downloaded by clicking <a href="https://system.netsuite.com/core/media/media.nl?id=539013&c=1043140&h=b5bd77274df2047a5d6c&_xt=.pdf" class="copylink">here</a>.

Great Product!! Beautiful Look!


Just installed. Instructions were included, but if not they are available on line. Clean glass, peel off clear backing paper, wet the sticky side of the paper with soapy water from a spray bottle, wet surface to be adhered to. Press film to glass and slide into place, smoothing from the top center out and down. Use straight edge razor and straight edge to cut excess. Super easy and fantastic look. No bubbles as with conventional backdrop products.

Horrible product


It came without any instructions on how to apply it, so I had to find instructions online. I followed the directions to a T, but ended up with an enormous number of air bubbles that I couldn't remove and the background ended up tearing when I tried to push the air bubbles to the side with a credit card. It ended up so awful looking, I had to tear it off the tank, which left tons of residue that I now I have to clean off with alcohol. This product is absolutely terrible and a complete waste of money. I wish I had just spray painted the back of my tank with Krylon Fusion instead and saved $20.