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Ophthalmotilapia nasuta - Juvenile

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Ophthalmotilapia nasuta variants are very attractive fish. Juveniles appear to have a gray to silver overall body coloration, but as they mature males develop brilliant metallic coloration, each variant with coloration specific to their geographic locale. Females remain tan or brown coloration that resembles the substrate in the wild. Males and females will both grow very long pelvic fins that will have a single white dot on the end.

Ophthalmotilapia nasuta will accept both flake and pellet food in the home aquarium and may be supplemented with spirulina. They require a large open area in the tank, as they are found in open water in the wild, but rocky outcrops should also be furnished. Many people will choose other rock dwelling tankmates from Lake Tanganyika to house with these fish.
Common NameLongnosed Goldtip Cichlid - Juvenile
Scientific NameOphthalmotilapia nasuta

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