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Boost your biological filtration with Pond Matrix. This open, macroporous media is ideal for beneficial bacteria growth, delivering increased ammonia and nitrite removal. Works well in any filter. Matrix is also useful as a rooted plant growth media in place of soil.
100% natural stone.
Directions: For filtration use 2 Liters of Pond Matrix for each 200 gallons of water. Use in any pond filter. Pond Matrix is sufficiently large that a filter bag should not be necessary. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for your filter. Pond Matrix should never need replacing. Pond Matrix makes an excellent support for root development of aquatic plants and may be used directly on the bottom of the pond or in pots. This avoids the use of soil in the pond. It may be used alone, mixed, or overlayered with river rock. For pond bottom use, it should be presoaked for several days and allowed to become water-logged and sink (although a high current will disrupt it). Pond Matrix is inorganic and will not decompose or pollute the water.

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