Prevent Ich Disease Preventative - 16 oz.

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Manufacturer: Kordon
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Prevent Ich is an 100% organic fish disease inhibitor and preventive that helps prevent diseases caused by ich, fungus, protozoans and dinoflagellates. It is safe for use in freshwater aquariums, saltwater (including reef and live rock)aquariums, and ornamental ponds. It is non-toxic to all biological filters, fishes, amphibians and turtles.


Package Size16 oz.
Treatment ForParasitic & Fungal Infections
Invert SafeYes
Treats up to960 gal.
Internal Id


5% active ingredients (multiple natural herbals containing Naphthoquinone), 95% inert ingredients.

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Prevent Ich


i use it in my tank for years ,it prevent the ich ,every time i change water i add it to the water and i am Ich free

Amazing product.


There are many products on the market claiming safe for all your inhabitants. Whether it be freshwater or saltwater. I myself have been through many in my years in the hobby. This one right here is truly by far the best. A few years back. A yellow tang my wife purchased for me got really bad nasty looking. Saw the product on line took a chance. Just like anything else in this hobby. In 2 weeks. Yes in 2 weeks the tang looked like a price winner. I also just a few months ago for all you skeptics. Purchased a Red Sea star fish. It had been ok for sometime then started withering away. Man was I upset. Pulled out thei Kordon preventative ich in a few days of dosing she is healthy & fine. This product my fellow hobbyist covers far more then ick. So why wait just buy it.