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Professional 350 Canister Filter - 280 gph

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Hydor's Professional 350 Canister Filter is designed for modern aquarium keepers, with intelligent design for efficiency of space and performance and more versatility than other canister filters. The professional series is based on Japanese models with a compact, rectangular footprint and tight fitting baskets for max performance with no water bypass. Each Professional Canister Filter contains an easy to use built-in priming pump, and features an efficient internal motor and added soundproofing to eliminate vibration and noise--features to set them above the rest. Model 350 also comes preloaded with all necessary media including a high density mechanical sponge for fine filtration, sintered ceramic rings for biological filtration, and a highly porous mechanical sponge to remove larger debris and waste in aquariums up to 100 gallons. Includes media trays, telescopic intake, spray bar return and fully adjustable shut-off valves.

For complete product information, download the instruction manual.

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For complete product information, download the instruction manual.

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1yr and no issues!


The design is efficient and robust. I have had the filter for over a year, I have cleaned/replaced the some of the media on a regular schedule and no leaks or and issues. It is a great price for the product and would definitely recommend it.

Wouldn't own anything else?


This is my first canister filter. I needed it for my new saltwater aquarium. Instructions are very straight forward and to the point. Problem is they are not very detailed on how to arrange the media. Finding good blogs or review sights about it are a bit rare. So you have to wing it. Very powerful keeps the water crystal clear.

Great filter for a great price


Was looking for an inexpensive secondary filter for my tank. All I can say is it is well worth the $$, performs just as well as my primary filter which was easily 2.5x the price. I would def suggest this filter to anyone.