PURA Filtration Pad - 15 in. x 30 in.

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Complete PURA filtration media packed into one easy to use pad! Not only do you get the chemical filtration power of PURA Complete media, you also get the mechanical filtration power of this unique, thermally bonded polyester fiber pad. PURA filtration pads provide excellent mechanical filtration, as well as removal of dissolved organics, phosphates, silicates and heavy metals.


Compatible ModelsAll Filters
Package Size1 pk.
MaterialPolyester Resin Pad
Length30 in.
Width15 in.
Internal Id


COMPOSITION: Virgin non-woven polyester matrix comprised of four types of fiber and dry impregnated with P?RA Complete media to a density of 120-150 g/sq ft (0.26-0.33 lb/sq ft):

1. Debris-trapping layer – white color overlay of mixed fibers serves as a screen for floating debris;
2. 200-denier size fibers serve to maintain an open structure with high rate of flow-through;
3. 15-denier size fibers serve to hold embedded chemical media;
4. 4-denier size fibers serve to filter very small size particulates for ultra-sharp water clarity.

P?RA Complete media contains:
1. 25% PhosLock brand modified Granulated Ferric Hydroxide Oxide (GFH) – best known ingredient for removal of phosphate, silicates and heavy metals;
2. 64% modified high purity zeo-sorbent (Ion Exchange Capacity of 1.65-2.10 meq/g or higher) for removal of ammonia, copper and other heavy metals;
3. 11% select grade acid washed activated carbon of bituminous origin for removal of organic and metabolic wastes and toxins.



1. Use whole or trim with scissors to fit your specific application. Due to heavy media loading, it is normal for some media to fall out along the cut edge.
2. Orient the pad so that the white debris-indicating layer faces into the water flow.
3. For optimum chemical filtration replace the pad monthly.
4. In heavy bio-load systems the pad can be replaced more frequently for optimal results.


P?RA Pads come in generous sizes that are very versatile and easy to work with across many applications. As pre-filter use in wet/dry drip trays, loosely wrapped around overflow stand pipes and pump intake strainers. As main filter media, cut to fit canister filters and stack in layers. Use in small pond filters. As supplemental chemical filtration media, cut to fit along side of regular filtration cartridges or wrap around filtration baskets in power filters. As final water polishing media, use in refugiums, protein skimmer outflows, and final wet compartments of wet/dry filters. Stack multiple layers of P?RA Pads instead of sponges for outstanding mechanical as well as chemical filtration.

To initially reduce high levels of phosphates use P?RA PhosLock or P?RA Complete.

P?RA Pads are manufactured using a revolutionary dry media embedding process. There are no glues or binders that negatively impact media performance.

For aquarium and pond use only. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid inhaling dust while handling this product. This product may contain crystalline silica. Inhalation of dust containing respirable crystalline silica may cause delayed lung injury (silicosis) and possible cancer. Prolonged inhalation also may cause kidney disease and autoimmune disorders. In case of eye contact, flush with water. If irritation persists, seek medical attention.

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