Red Sea - Coral Pro Salt - Bucket - 175 gal

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Manufacturer: Red Sea
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Coral Pro salt has been designed with the modern aquarist in mind. It has been formulated especially for use with mineral free water from reverse osmosis filtration systems or very soft tap water. This water typically has little to no buffering capacity or dissolved minerals that are necessary for the health of your aquarium and its inhabitants. The chemically balanced formula in this salt mix helps to quickly establish a stable pH while providing high available levels of calcium and other elements to keep your corals, coralline algae and their invertebrates thriving, even in aquarium salinities lower than those found in the ocean. This salt is free of nitrates and phosphates to cut down on nuisance algae and cyanobacteria growth.

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Red Sea
Package Size48.5 lb.
Makes175 gal.
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Never mix salt in a aquarium containing animals. Always use clean, non-toxic utensils.

1. Use reverse osmosis water.
2. Add the correct dosage of the salt to the water for the desired salinity according to the chart on the bucket.
3. Mix vigorously until all of the salt is dissolved and pH has stabilized to 8.2-8.3.
4. To acheive desired salinity, measure the specific gravity with an accurate hydrometer and add more salt or water to increase or decrease the specific gravity respectively. Due to variation of specific gravity with temperature, make sure water is at 25 deg. Celsius/77 deg. Farenheit before measuring.

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good product


great product! i use this salt mix everytime i do water changes and it takes most of the guessing out of calcium, magnisium and other major ions, so i dont have to slap chemicals in the water and shock my inverts. not recondmended for FOWLR because of the expense but if you have inverts like corals like me you will be happy with this hassle free (for the most part) saltmix. just be sure when opening a new bag to roll it around on the floor for a good 10 minutes before opening since all the good stuff gets stuck to the bottom.

Simply the Best


This product gets me back on track every time I do a water change. My Corals love it and the fish thrive with with this salt and RODI water. When you get the best you have to stick with the best every time.

refreshingly good


I have been using Coral Pro Salt for about 8 months. I switched. Corals appear to respond well.
Husbandry is important, I change out about 5-10% weekly depending on my feedings.
Calcium is in mid to low 400's
Mg is over the top >1500ppm

if your over mix the solution will precipitate out.
Mix for 1 hour, heat up to temp for another and do the WC. if left overnight, elements will precipitate out. Use a high flow pump to mix!!!

settling occurs in any salt, so it is best to mix. several times in the buckets lifetime.

The best for growing corals


I have been using this product for years, along with RO water. My corals thrive. It would be overkill for fish only systems, but inverts, it is the best.

Great Salt Mix


I have been using the Red Sea Coral Pro since day one and have never thought twice about changing.