Red Slime Stain Remover - Treats 250 to 300 gallons

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Manufacturer: Ultra Life
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Get rid of unsightly and potentially dangerous stains resulting from red slime algae (cyanobacteria) in your saltwater tank quickly and safely. No tank care kit should be without a cure for red slime so add Red Slime Remover to your supplies today. Thoroughly mix 1 level spoonful (included) for each 15 gallons with a small amount of water from the aquarium to be treated. Pour dissolved solution into the aquarium. Repeat after 48 hours if necessary. Wait at least one week before additional treatments.

Note: May effect pH and oxygen levels.


Ultra Life
Package Size0.71 oz.
Treats up to300 gal.
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Directions: Thoroughly mix and dissolve 2 level spoonfuls for each 15 gallons of aquarium water with a small amount of water from the aquarium to be treated. Pour solution slowly into the aquarium. Repeat after 48 hours in necessary. Wait at least 1 week before additional treatments. Keep out of reach of children. Safe for reef invertebrates, desirable macro-algae, nitrifying bacteria and fish. Treats 300 gallons.

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Works Well, Livestock Safe


This stuff was very effective and did not hurt my fish, corals, and inverts. Had good results with this product. Easy to follow directions; be prepared and have an air stone and pump.