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Red Sea - Magnesium Pro Test Kit - 100 ct

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Higher quality reagents and a high precision titrator make Red Sea's Magnesium Pro Test kit more accurate than the previous model. Clear, thorough instructions make using the test kit easy. Accurate to +/- 10 ppm. Includes reagents, analytic grade glass vials and high precision titrator. Part of the Reef Care Program. Helps your corals achieve the best health, vivid, electric coloration and rapid growth. Reef Care lines include: Algae Management, Reef Colors, Reef Foundation and Reef Energy. For the healthiest corals, use the entire Reef Care Program.

Click here for a Reef Foundation Instruction Manual direct from Red Sea.

Click here for a Reef Care Information Guide direct from Red Sea.

Click here for a Reef Care FAQ direct from Red Sea.


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Directions for Magnesium Pro Test Kit

1. Using the large syringe provided, place exactly 2 ml of the water to be tested into the glass vial.
2. Add 5 drops of Mg Pro Reagent A, shaking the vial for 15 seconds after each drop.
3. Add 5 drops of Mg Pro Reagent B and mix the reagent gently with the water sample.
4. Screw the glass vial onto the bottom of the Titrator and wait for approx 60 seconds for the test sample to obtain the titration start color as shown on the instruction card. A precipitate will form on the bottom of the vial.
5. Ensure that the dispensing tip is on the 1 ml titration syringe and fill with 1ml of Magnesium Pro Titrant (C). [see note for filling titration syringe.]
6. Insert the syringe into the center of the Titrator so that the volumetric scale on the side of the syringe is visible. The graduations of the volumetric scale are 0.01 ml,equivalent to 20 ppm of magnesium.
7. Add the first 0.4 ml of titrant (equivalent to 800ppm of magnesium) by pressing the plunger of the syringe while gently swirling the Titrator. Continue adding the titrant gradually, swirling the Titrator after each addition and paying attention to the color in the vial. As the color in the vial approaches the end color as shown on the instruction card, add one drop at a time, swirling after each drop, until the blue end color is first achieved.Note: Shortly after the blue end color is achieved the liquid in the vial will turn from blue to violet. Do not continue adding titrant. If you have used more than 0.8ml of titrant you may have missed the end point and should redo the test.
8. Note the amount of titrant used (according to the initial and final position of the plunger not the liquid surface) and use the table on the instruction card to calculate the level of magnesium in the water sample.
9. Return any unused quantity of titrant to the Magnesium Pro Titrant C bottle.

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