Reef Status Calcium Test - 150 Tests

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This kit measures all types of calcium, including gluconate calcium. The method is based on specific titration with unique indicator. Measures in increments of 5 mg/l. Each kit performs 150 tests.


Indicator MethodTitration
Internal Id



1. Fill sample pipette to 1 mL mark at base of bulb and dispense 1 mL of sample into the vial.
2. Completely fill dillution vial with DI (distilled or deionized) water* and pour into sample vial.
3. Add one drop of Calcium Reagent # 1. Swirl gently to mix. Wait 30 seconds before proceeding to Step 4.
4. Add 1 scoop of Calcium Reagent # 2. Cap, then swirl gently until Calcium Reagent # 2 is mostly dissolved.
5. Fill titration syringe to 1 mL (cc) mark with Calcium Titrant. Titrate (i.e. dispense Titrant solution) with th syringe until color turns from pink to true blue. At th is point, only one more drop (or about 0.01-0.02 mL) is usually required.

*RO water may not be sufficiently pure, DI (or distilled) water must be used.

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Very Accurate


Very pleased because of the accuracy. Well worth the price.