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Reef Status Magnesium Carbonate

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Directly measures magnesium and resolves carbonate and borate. Test for magnesium titration based procedure in increments of 12.5 mg/l. Tests for carbonate alkalinity, borate and total alkalinity in 0.1 mg/l. Each kit performs 75 determinations for each test.


Indicator MethodTITRATION
Internal Id



RO water may not be sufficiently pure, DI (or distilled) water must be used.

1. Place the fiber in the filtration funnel and push the fiber all the way to the bottom of the funnel neck with the provided rod; pack into a very firm pad. Place the neck of the funnel into the collection vial.
2. Fill the sample cup to the top with sample. Pour this into the precipitation vial. Add 2 drops of Magnesium #1. Cap firmly. Invert twice to mix. Let sit one minute.
3. Pour contents of the precipitation vial from Step 2 into the filtration funnel. Collect filtrate until it reaches the green line on the collection vial. The top of the water will be concave. The bottom of the concave curve should be level with the green line. Filtrate should be clear and filtration should be complete within 2-3 minutes.
4. To the collected filtrate in the collection vial, add two drops of Magnesium #2. Mix gently by shaking.
5. Fill the syringe with Magnesium Titrant to the 1 mL (cc) level. Titrate with the syringe (i.e. dispense titrant solution to the contents of the collection vial) until color turns from pink/magenta to blue. Gently shake the collection vial after each drop. Color will turn purple just before changing to blue. At this point, only one or two more drops are usually required. Read the volume of titrant used from the mL (cc) graduation.

In reading graduations from mL (cc) scale, note that scale runs in reverse of dispensing, so that 0.9 = 125 mg/L; 0.8 = 250 mg/L; 0.7 = 375 mg/L; 0.6 = 500 mg/L; 0.5 = 625 mg/L; 0.4 = 750 mg/L; 0.3 = 875 mg/L; 0.2 = 1000 mg/L; 0.1 = 1125 mg/L; 0.0 = 1250 mg/L. Each line (0.01 mL) in between these graduations equals 12.5 mg/L. If magnesium exceeds 1250 mg/L (mg/L), it will be necessary to refill syringe and continue; add the volumes used from both syringe fills to get the total amount of titrant used.

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