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Specially formulated mixture of dissolvable solids (also called general hardness or GH) which includes major salts of sodium, magnesium, calcium, and potassium together with all necessary minor and trace minerals with a small amount of carbonate alkalinity (KH) to reproduce artificial river water (most aquarium fish are river fish). Provides natural water chemistry for the conversion of reverse osmosis, distilled or deionized water for fresh water fish and plants. Provides a balanced electrolyte system. Useful for all fresh water fish, including Discus. This is the premium dry formula used the world over to raise discus and other freshwater species. Contains no phosphates, nitrates, silicates or organic chemicals to pollute the system R/O RIGHT is unmatched for quality and value.
Kent Marine
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Contains nearly neutral pH salts.
Directions: Dissolve the appropriate amount (see chart below) of KENT Marine R/O Right to every 10 gallons of purified water. Add during initial tank set-up and when performing water changes.

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Great Product


This really helped up my PH to 7.0. I always thought that RO water had a correct PH and I was wrong. Great thing to use even if you use RO water. RO doesn't keep everything stable