Seaweed Clips - 2 pk.

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Seaweed Clips are perfect for attaching seaweed or dried micro algae for all grazing topical fish. The clips are designed for underwater use with suction cups for attachment to the inside surface of the aquarium glass or acrylic tanks to hold seaweed for tropical or marine fish to promote a natural feeding behavior.
Length2 IN.
Width3/4 IN.
Height2 IN.

Tear off piece of seaweed approximately two inches by three inches, fold once or twice, and place the seaweed in the clip. Allow the fish to graze up to 24 hours. Reattach any large pieces of seaweed that break loose. Remove any uneaten seaweed after 24 hours.

Seaweed Selects™ can be used daily as a supplement to other foods from Ocean Nutrition™. We strongly recommend Formula Foods™, single item frozen foods, flakes or pellets.

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Seaweed clips


I find them very easy to use. I guess it depends on what you use with the clips, but algal sheets that I use are just fine. I have no problem sticking them to the side of the tank.

seaweed clips


Difficult to to attach to aquarium glass without loosing the food treats.