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Silent Air B11 Battery Operated Air Pump

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The Penn Plax Silent Air B11 Air Pump is life insurance for your fish- the bubbles go ON when the power goes OFF. This battery powered air pump is a must for your precious aquarium fish. The Silent Air pump automatically turns on when it detects no A.C. electricity, providing your fish with life-saving aeration during a power-outage. Battery powered pumps are also ideal for transportation, or temporary housing, for your aquarium fish and animals.

Pump requires two "D" batteries for operation. AC plug on pump is for power detection only, does not operate pump, or charge batteries. Check battery power regularly by unplugging pump with the pump in "on" position. Pump can operate up to 48 hrs, depending upon battery quality, and operating conditions.

For more information on aquarium aeration, please see our article on Air Pumps.


Penn Plax
Height5.5 in.
UL ListedNo
Warranty90 days
Length3 in.
Width2 in.
Internal Id

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b11 air pump


using one for over 5 years work ok

Question to owners


What is the maximum aquarium size that you believe this air pump is capable of aerating?
<br>Thanks for any advice you can give me!<br><br><i>That Fish Place: Hi Jan, thanks for commenting. The manufacturer does not list a specific tank size range for this air pump. But you should be able to use it during emergencies or for power outages on tanks up to the 75/90 gallon range. It would even be helpful on tanks above that range, as one pump providing oxygen and gas exchange would be better than nothing, but above that range you may want to consider two or more. Please let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks!</i>

Penn Pax Battery Operated Air Pump


I gave a teacher about 30 young fish, and they needed to stay in a bucket at her home over the weekend. I loaned her my battery-operated air pump, and the fish did very well for the three days! I'm very pleased with this air pump, and would recommend it to others.

Works as Advertised


Put cheap heavy duty batteries in for a test run. Ran about 40 hours was still going strong. Put in some good batteries and feel confident if the power goes out, my fish are protected.

Low cost insurance for ANY tank!


In our area we usually have power go out once or twice per year and with a saltwater/reef tank some oxygen is a necessity! Our last power outage was about 22 hours and with this battery air pump I was able to keep enough supplemental air going into a heavy coral growth tank and didn't lose a single animal!!! It already paid for itself a couple times over!