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Smart Buddie RO Booster Pump - 50 to 100 GPD RO Systems

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Smart Buddie RO Booster Pumps increase the PSI of the water pressure coming out of your spigot, improving the efficiency and output of your AquaticLife RO Unit. The low voltage pump includes an internal automatic flush valve that clears out the membrane each time the pump starts, improving efficiency and life of the unit.

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This past weekend I installed my 100 GPD RO/DI unit that I had laying around for my FOWLR tank. Typically I store water and treat it, however looking to add a Reef tank in the future so figure it was time to install the new system and start using it to get the bugs out. When I had it installed in the last house, I did not have any issues with water pressure, however in the new house it is. It took a significant amount of time to partially fill a 32 gallon can. Also the pressure gauge showed that it was not even in the correct zone (which is bad for the system).
<br>I picked up the Smart Buddie RO Booster Pump and installed it. Honestly the directions could have been a little better and the installation video on this site helped. Honestly you need both to help make sense of the hookup (especially for a DI). For example the video does not show the check valve being installed which the directions requires it to work effectively. After the install I ran the system and was very happy with the results. I had wonderful pressure and processed water. Was able to fill the can within a very short amount of time. The pump is quite and seems to control everything. The only thing I wish is that it has some type of display to help regulate what is going on or water processing, quality, etc.
<br>However generally speaking very happy so far with the unit.
<br>Thank you