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The SmartTemp thermometer is the first aquarium thermometer that mounts without annoying suction cups. A simple magnet design securely attaches the device on any aquarium. Other features include a unique Green Safe Zone indicator to display optimal temperature range. Large, easy-to-read numbers make it easy to determine temperature: even from a distance. Accurate to plus or minus 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit.
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not for homes with cats


Great concept, unless you have cats. Mine keeps knocking the magnet off of the tank. Now it is lost, and I need to buy a new thermometer.

Inaccurate by 5 degrees Fahrenheit


I have a preset 50w heater (78 degrees F) and I thought it wasn't working because of this thermometer! When the water was actually 78F it read 73F! However, if you're looking for a easily adjustable and easy to read thermometer for a 10 gallon tank AND HAVE IT READ INNACURATELY, you're in luck!

smart temp thermometer


magnet is a good idea, however the thermometer is not accurate. It was off by as much as six degrees

Great idea but didn't work


Our tank is too thick for the magnet. Has to be a small tank I think.

Didn't work for my tank


Great concept, I would have loved it. But the glass on my tank was too thick. The magnet wouldn't hold. I just use it when I do water changes.

The best cheap thermometer


Aside from Juggalos who would probably question how the magnets work, I don't know who wouldn't want to use this thermometer? Sure, it may not be the MOST accurate thermometer ever made, but compared to the stick on the tank ones that also read room temp, and the other alcohol thermometers with suction cups that always fail-- these are easily the best thermometers.

Marvelous invention too late in coming!


All I can say is where on earth has this been all these years. The suction cup thermometer truly are horrible and are useless once the suction start to go bad. And it isn't easy finding replacements either. This is great. You stick the thermometer in the tank;the magnet outside. Presto-nothing else to do except check on the temp without getting wet. I love it so much that I bought three and I am so very glad that I did. I just hope that they last as long as I think they will. After all, magnets are a whole lot easier to find.