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Color Community Starter Fish Pack - 30 gallon

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Our Freshwater Community Starter Fish packs are designed to add a colorful variety of fish into your aquarium, whether you are starting a new freshwater community or adding new schools of fish to your existing aquarium. While these fish tend to be very hardy and easy to care for, please bear in mind that every tank must go through the Nitrogen Cycle process. While a tank is "cycling", the water chemistry will go through several changes; cloudy water and/or fish losses are common during this time. We recommend using this Fishless Tank Cycling Method before purchasing the first fish for the aquarium. Adding new fish to an existing aquarium can also affect the stability of the aquarium. Acclimate all new additions and monitor your water chemistry carefully.

The 30-gallon Color Community Starter Fish Pack contains the following:

  • 2 - Gold Wonder Killifish
  • 3 - Black Neon Tetra
  • 3 - Serpae Tetra
  • 3 - Gold Barb
  • 3 - Albino Cory
  • Pack Pricing is only available when packs are purchased in full. The component of these packs cannot be modified or substituted.

  • For more information on the care and requirements of each of these fish, visit the individual webpages above. The tank size recommended here is a guideline to begin stocking your aquarium. While most established aquariums of this recommended size can house more fish than listed above, we don't recommend adding more than this amount of fish at one time. Adding too many fish at once to a new or unstable aquarium can cause issues with water quality and fish health.
    That Fish Place
    Community SafeYes
    pH Range6.5-7.0
    Temperature Range75-80
    Dietvaries with species
    Max Size (in inches)varies with species
    Originvaries with species
    Internal Id

    State Restrictions
    Armed Forces Americas
    Armed Forces Europe
    Armed Forces Pacific
    Puerto Rico

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