Super Luft Pump - 3.9 psi

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Manufacturer: Coralife
MPN: 05146

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The Super Luft Aquarium Air Pumps offer unbeatable power for all of your large high-pressure or deep fish tank jobs. Luft Air Pumps are capable of running multiple high pressure/high flow devices, and the durable heavy-duty aluminum housing and removable air filter ensures continued operating excellence. Large protein skimmers, airstones and deep tanks are no match for the Luft series air pumps. Breeders rely on Luft pumps for powering their fish tanks, so should you. Amazingly quiet for such a powerful pump. The Super Luft Aquarium Pumps may be the last aquarium air pump you ever buy.

The SL-65 model has a 3.9 psi rating. The pump has a 3/8 in. brass outlet fitting. It also comes with two outlet adapters, a 4-outlet adjustable metal fitting and a 6 outlet plastic fitting. 6 outlet fitting requires 3/8 in. ID tubing (not included). Pump measures 6 in. x 4 in. x 5 in.

Using an air pump also adds dissolved oxygen to your water, improving the overall health of your aquarium. For more information on aquarium aeration, please see our article on Air Pumps.


Height5 in.
Outlets1, 4, 6
Max Wattage66
Power Cord Length6 ft.
UL ListedYes
Warranty1 year
Length6 in.
Width4 in.
Internal Id

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Super Luft Pump


Better than I expected.

Super Luft Pump


I bought two of the Super Luft Pumps. They looked very robust but both units only lasted around 1-1/2 years and then produced very minimal pressure. Unfortunately I could not find a rebuild kit.

Saved me


I loved this little power house. We just opened a Live Bait, tackle, fly tying supplies, and Flies, and my little fatheads need more water moved. The smaller pumps at the pet store, just wasn't doing it. It worked so well, I came back and order a second one. Thank You



great pump, pushes more than enough air for my 100 gallon. love the fact you can adjust each individual control, also have the option of putting on the extentision for 6 outlets.

Air to Spare


Great pump. More air pressure than I thought, runs 3 55 gal. tanks and still has pressure left over. A little loud to run, best to keep it in a cabinet. I also put foam sheet insulation on in side of cabinet to dampen pump

What a relief...

by finally have a decent pump for a mere $15 more than the "toy" pumps from my local pet shop. Using this one to keep about 60 small koi happy in a small, but deep hand-dug pond. It's super!

Pretty loud


Well I have to admit that I would have been OK with the sound level as an aquarist but the aquarium is in my wife's home office and it proved too loud for her.

Although as long as you don't might air pump sound, it is an exceptional pump.



I bought 2 of these to replace 4 air pods that all died. I only actually need 1 of these to run 2 55 gallon tanks, a 125 gallon tank and a 10 gallon hospital tank. This thing puts out an incredible amount of air. We put it in our garage so we don't have to hear the noise which isn't much louder than the air pods. We bought a battery backup for power outages. 500 feet of tubing which we are running through the ceiling will be dropped down to each tank. No drip loop needed :-) LOVE IT, saving the 2nd one as a spare just in case.

A real pump --- not a toy


I put this pump in a weatherproof box to aerate my pond. It's a bit noisy but pushes out a LOT of air. I got this as a replacement for a 4 year old SL-38 that needed a new diaphragm. (I'm keeping the rebuilt SL-38 as a spare.) The SL-65 pumps much more air than the SL-38, especially considering the small difference in price.

I suggest you buy a replacement diaphragm kit when you buy this pump. You may not need it for a few years but it's really cheap and That Fish Place is the only site I've found that carries replacement kits for both the SL-38 and SL-65 pumps. If you look at reviews of these pumps on other sites, the most frequent complaint is that spare parts are not available. So it's good to see that this site supports their products.

Great service from the store, by the way.

Powerful pump, but loud


I have had my SL-65 for 2 years & 4 months. It runs hot, & it's too loud for the house, so I put it in the basement with 70' of air lines running to the first floor. It was most powerful when new, and began to weaken considerably and get noisier after 2 years, so I bought the replacement diaphragms from this site. When I took it apart, I had to clean out a considerable amount of diaphragm and metal dust and noticed that the piston had wear on one side. After speaking to the Coralife Technical Department, I replaced both the front and piston diaphragms and greased the piston spring, ball bearing, sides and housing surfaces with auto wheel bearing grease (to withstand high temperatures) and put it back together. It quieted down considerably, and pumps a lot of air again, but not as much as when it was new. When I removed the old diaphragms, they were both the same size, but the kit had two different sizes. I used the smaller one for the piston, and the bigger one for the front. Overall, it's a good pump, and eliminates having to buy multiple air pumps for multiple tanks. At $60, this is a great buy, and $2.00 for replacement diaphragms on this site is a bargain. Buy an extra set at that price.

Best Yet


Compared and looked at was on the market. I did some serious research on air pumps. Needed one pump to power three tanks. I knew I needed a professional piece of instrument to do the job. After looking on Ebay and Amazon this was my choice. I have never gone wrong with "That Pet Place Products". Price was right and they have the replacement parts.
This pump truly puts out more than expected. Running four air units now in three tanks and will add more once the 75gal. is up and running. The only down fall is the pump is loud and runs hot. I have contained the noise by putting it in the filter room away from the tanks area. The longest run of air line is 10’ and the power is better than anything you can buy at a pet store.
This is definitely not a toy pump. If you need air power and can suppress or deal with the noise, this pump is for you. I gave it 5 stars because the noise is not a factor to me.

a Real Pump


not a toy pump....putting out alot of air...

You'll love it


it is loud, does run hot, but puts out real air...even the fish seem to have more life

the best


This is by far the best air pump I have ever used I have two of them one runs my 210 gallon tank which has 15 displays and all the hoses in there. The other one runs my 170 gallon tank. It is the most quietest air pump I've ever used. It's whisper quiet. Been running in my 210 gallon tank for 3 years now and no problems.



I loved this pump at first and expected great things. It has solid metal construction and good air volume. A little louder than some but ok. However, about the time the warrant expired (1 YEAR). It became uncomfortably loud, lost pressure, and was so hot you could not touch it. I lubricated the shaft and replaced the diaphragms. The noise and heat went down for a couple of days BUT then returned with corresponding loss of pressure again.

Good at first


this pump was amazing for about a year, it pumped out tons of air. but a little over a year it lost pressure stopped making good air and got even louder then normal which is loud to begin with. i replaced the diaphragms and still no better.

Absolutely recommend -- 220G fresh water tank


I purchased this pump almost 10 years ago for my 220 Gal freshwater tank. The pump is on a timer noon to 10 PM every day, mounted in my hood (I have forced ventilation in the hood to remove moisture). I am running a 5.5 foot long series of flat air stones I glued and connected together on a piece of plexiglass and hooked incoming air to both ends of the stones. Still works great, pump gets pretty warm and every 6 months or so I have to make sure it has not pushed my air lines off (if it does I get a gurgle sound and it bubbles water back up onto the glass (I use check valves, but it is always the tank side of the line that comes off first). Love this pump