Pondmaster AP-60 Pond Air Pump - 3600 cu. in./min.

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Manufacturer: Danner
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This pump has enough uses to drive your water year-round. It is durable and useful enough to become a vital part of your aquarium and pond tool-box for years to come! Ideal for aerating large aquariums or ponds, improving fish health through improved oxygenation, powering a skimmer, or keeping outdoor ponds from freezing over completely. Durable design holds up well to the pounding of the outdoors, while quiet operation allows it to blend well into your aquarium setup or backyard. Includes a 6' cord.

Pond applications:
Connect one end of a length of hose to the outlet on the pump. Hose length is the distance from the permanent location of the pump to the water's edge plus the depth of the water. (Note: a short section of hose and 2 clamps are included - these parts are for aquarium installations and should be disregarded if pump is to be used on a pond).
Connect the supplied barbed diffuser to the other end of the hose.
The diffuser needs to be weighted since it is very buoyant when filled with air. Attach the diffuser and about 4" of hose to a heavy object, such as a brick or rock, with a cable tie. (Do not use a weight that will rust or leach toxic substances.)
Locate pump in a protected area. It should be covered to shelter it from rain and the elements. Be sure to allow for ventilation. Locate pump so that it can not fall in to the water.
In winter, damp air can condense onto the inside wall and freeze the hose. This can eventually block the hose completely, therefore it is important to check frequently during periods of freezing temperatures.

Aquarium applications:
Connect one end of the short length of included hose to the outlet on the pump and fasten with the included hose clamp.
Connect the supplied barbed diffuser to the other end of the hose and fasten with the included hose clamp.
Run a length of airline hose from each of the 14 outlet barbs on the diffuser to the aquarium and connect each to an air stone.
If the air flow is too great, purchase and install an adjustable flow valve for each affected airline. Always let some air escape, do not restrict the flow of air totally with the valve.

When airflow slows down, it is time to change the diaphragms and flapper valves.
Disconnect the pump from the AC receptacle.
Remove the cover lid.
Unscrew the diaphragm/flapper combination assembly from either end of the pump and separate the 2 parts.
Remove the flapper valves and replace with the supplied parts. Be sure to maintain the same orientation of the flapper valves.
Remove the black, round dough nut-like diaphragm and replace with the supplied parts.
Replace the diaphragm/flapper valve.
Replace the cover lid.
Pump is 10.5 in. x 8 in. x 8.25" high.

Uses 3/4" tubing or 3/16" tubing with included diffuser


Warranty1 year
Width7.75 in.
Outlets1 (includes 14 port diffuser)
Max Pond Size7000 gal.
MaterialABS Plastic Housing
Height8.5 in.
Inlet/Outlet0.75 in./Standard Airline Tubing
Length9.5 in.
Max Wattage59
Max Wattage59
Max Tank SizeFOR PONDS UP TO 7,000 GAL.
Internal Id


Click here to download the instruction manual from the manufacturer's website.

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