Red and Green Symphyllia Coral - Symphyllia sp.

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Symphyllia Corals, also known as "Dented Brain Corals", are very closely related to the more common Lobophyllia corals and require much of the same care. Their color can vary but Symphyllia corals are most often found with different colors around the edges and in the center of the corals' ridges.

These corals feed mainly at night and should be target fed often to prevent starvation. They feed on planktonic foods but can and should also feed on larger items like mysis shrimp. Symphyllia corals will adjust to a wide range of lighting conditions but will thrive more in higher light environments. They are also relatively hardy and adjust well to a variety of water conditions.

Symphyllia corals can expand in size, especially at night. They should be firmly secured in place to prevent them from toppling over. They should also be placed well away from very aggressive corals that can sting or damage the Symphyllia.


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Common NameRed and Green Symphyllia Coral
Scientific NameSymphyllia sp.
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