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This breeder is ideal for egg-laying fish, yet is also suitable for live-bearers. It was engineered with wide-slotted side vents to promote water circulation that furnishes oxygen and fresh water to the fry. It also features side air tanks that allow it to float freely in the aquarium.
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Fish Breeder


I have had two female fish die in this breeder. It shows there are air vents but not sure this is the case.

3 way breeder


I breed fish, and frequently use my 3-way breeder when my livebearers are giving birth. Too small to use as 3 way unless the fish are small (ie, guppies). However, works very well to separate mother from fry, or to simply isolate the mother from the other fish while she is giving birth - this gives her much peace of mind once she realizes that the other fish in the tank cannot reach her. I recommend this for anyone who breeds fish.