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Bucephalandra 'Brownie Ghost' - Tissue Culture

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Bucephalandra is a hardy and easy plant for freshwater aquariums. They can be found in a wide range of color variants although the color of any Bucephalandra may shift in color to adapt to the lighting and water parameters in the aquarium.

Bucephalandra is similar to the more common Anubias plants. It grows from a rhizome and should be attached to a hard surface like driftwood or rocks. If planted on the substrate, be sure to leave the rhizome and roots uncovered since they will rot if buried in the substrate.

"Tissue Culture" plants are lab-grown. They are offered in sealed cup and are grown in an artificial media, usually gel-based. This media should be rinsed off before planting and the individual plants can be separated for individual planting and aquascaping. Tissue Culture plants are typically free from nuisances like snails and algae. 
Common NameBuce 'Brownie Ghost' - TC
Scientific NameBucephalandra sp.
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