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Pink/Purple Torch Frag - Euphyllia glabrescens

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Torch Corals get their name from the brightly colored tips of their tentacles, which gives the appearance of a lighted torch. Color varies from grey or tan to green with colored tips of brown or green.

These corals are aggressive in nature. Their tentacles can extend several inches and have a powerful sting that can damage other specimens. For this reason, they need to be placed far enough away from other corals so as not to cause damage or death to the other corals.

The Torch Coral must be place upright as tissue damage easily leads to the death of individual heads. Polyps are long with a single rounded end, usually extending during the day and retracting somewhat in the evening. This coral should be placed in an area with just enough water movement to gently move the extended polyps.
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Common NamePink/Purple Torch Frag
Scientific NameEuphyllia glabrescens
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