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Trigger Systems Emerald Sump 39x16x15 in.

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Emerald Sumps from Trigger Systems provide your aquarium with unique and customizable filtration, allowing you to filter your aquatic ecosystem better than ever! Featuring their trademark coloring, the Emerald sumps provide space for water entry, mechanical filtration, protein skimming/refugium and return line pump and plumbing.

Emerald Sumps offer unique versatility with 4 sections:

Section 1: Water Entry. Directed from your existing overflow box. The first section provides mechanical filtration through your choice of interchangeable plates, allowing you to choose between a filter sock or foam block! Both mechanically filtrate your water, removing fish waste and uneaten food so it does not break down into toxic compounds like ammonia and nitrite.

Section 2: Protein Skimming. Plenty of space for your existing protein skimmer, a must for salt water aquariums and your filtration system.

Section 3: Refugium. A separate chamber allowing you to add your choice of refugium substrate and the ability to grow micro/macro algae to help absorb excess nutrients and reduce algae!

Section 4: Return Pump Chamber. Dedicated section of the sump to comfortably house your existing return line pump, sending filtrated water back into your aquarium.

All Trigger Sumps also come with user friendly holding stations, including Probe Holder for up to three probes (2-0.63 in., 1-0.80 in. diameter) and a Hose Holder for up to four 0.25 in. lines going in/out from various reactors or dosing pumps. Each keeps the various lines in place to reduce mess and clutter!

Trigger Systems Emerald Sumps also allow you to adjust the water level height within the filter, allowing you to customize to the needs of your existing protein skimmer.

The Emerald 39 comes with the following specs:

Dimensions: 39 in. long x 16 in. wide x 15 in. high
Skimmer Section: 14 in. x 15.5 in.
Center/Refugium Section: 10.25 in. x 15.5 in.
Return Pump Section: 6 in. x 15.5 in.
Total Water Volume: 40 gallons
Skimmer Water Level: 7 in. to 9.5 in. adjustable
Drain Input Fittings: two 1 in., three 1 in.
Filter Socks: 3

For more information, read our article on Wet Dry and Sump Aquarium Filter Basics!
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