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Trolley Exerciser - Silver - Heavy Weight - 100 ft.

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Let your dog have freedom without leaving the yard, even if you don't have a fence. This heavy-duty silver trolley line gives your pooch 100 feet of roaming space without leaving your sight. Suitable for dogs over 50 lbs.


Four Paws
Pet SizeOver 50 lb.
Length100 ft. line
MaterialHeavyweight Vinyl-coated Steel Cable
Height10 ft. Lead
Internal Id



1. Select two points to install screw hooks, making sure the distance between the two hooks is less than the length of your trolley, to insure the cable is long enough to reach. Install open eye screw hook to suitable tree, fence pole, or frame of house.
2. Install closed eye screw hook to suitable site making sure height of both screw hooks are the same. General height from ground to screw hooks should be at least eight feet to preven people from walking into the cable.
3. Attach shock absorber spring on the end of trolley to open eye screw hook by placing spring over top of the hook.
4. Slide one protective stopper onto open end of dog trolley. Slip pulley lead and second stopper on, so pulley is between stoppers.
5. Extend open end of cable to closed eye hook and slip through eye of hook. Pull tight until there is no slack in cable. Now attach wire rope clips. Tighten nuts on wire rope clips with wrench. Cut off excess vable.
6. Final Step--Attach one end of a Four Paws Tie-Out cable to the pulley and the other end to the dog's collar. Your dog will now enjoy the freedom and complete safety of the Four Paws Overhead Trolley.

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Doesn't Hold Up


Waste of money. In less than a week of use by my 65lb poodle mix I had to replace the pulley. I replaced the broken pulley and short 10 foot lead with a much stronger part and doubled the length of the lead. Shortly after, the vinyl coating on the line split allowing the cable to fray. I cut off the frayed end and had to shorten the line. Less than a day after that, my dog snapped the cable at the opposite end (the connection to the spring) while trotting around - not even running! We were lucky I was outside when it happened. The anchors held strong in the tree and deck beam but are already rusting so I don't expect them to last much longer.
<br>If you're handy at all, spend a little extra money and build your own system with stainless steel cable and parts. The peace of mind is worth it.