PhosBan Phosphate Adsorption Media - 5.28 oz.

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Julian Sprung's Two Little Fishies PhosBan is a highly porous super adsorbent granular filter media made from ferric oxide hydroxide. Designed for use in Phosban Reactors, but can be used in other reactors and applications. PhosBan binds so much phosphate that it can effectively keep phosphate levels in aquariums low for months. It is ideal for use in marine, reef aquariums, and freshwater aquariums. PhosBan gives long-lasting control of phosphate levels for a clean aquarium and enhanced growth of hard and soft corals and can help control algae problems.

For more information on controlling phosphates, please see our article How to Get Rid of Algae and our That Fish Blog post: Phosphates – Invisible Troublemakers in Ponds and Aquariums.


Two Little Fishies
Package Size5.29 oz.
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Synthetic Ferric Oxide Hydroxide


Directions: Phosban can be rinsed briefly before use, but since it is friable, do not stil the granules, which would pulverize them. Phosban is best used without a media bag in an upflow filter, such as Two Little Fishies Phosban reactor and the flow must be reduced sufficiently to prevent the granules from tumbling, which would grind them into a powder. An alternative is to put PhosBan in a tightly packed media bag or between two layers of fine filter floss in any kind of flow-through filter or filter chamber so that the water is directed through it diffusely.

Recommended usage: 50g per 50 gal saltwater, 50g per 100 gal freshwater. Phosban is safe and can be used at more than 5 times the recommended dosage, but at high doses it can cause a drop in alkalinity. Replace Phosban when phosphate levels begin to rise.

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