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Triangle Cichlid - Uaru amphiacanthoides

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This fish has been referred to as the Poor Man's Discus. Its color ranges from a light tan to a dark gray, with a tear-shaped black blotch on its flanks. There are rare variants with bright coloration.

This fish is peaceful like discus. It does best in a species-only tank or with other docile species like eartheaters or severums. Definitely keep more than one in a tank, as they are more comfortable in numbers. They are very shy and require lower lighting and plenty of areas to hide. Driftwood, floating plants, and any other suitable decor for hiding places are appreciated.

Provide ample vegetable matter like spinach, other blanched vegetables, and spirulina, as well as flake and meaty frozen foods. This species is difficult to breed and is notorious for eating eggs, both its own and other egg-laying tankmates.


Common NameTriangle Cichlid
Scientific NameUaru amphiacanthoides
Internal Id

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