EcoTech - VorTech Propeller Pump - MP40wQD

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The next evolution of VorTech Pumps are quieter than ever with up to 90% less motor noise! Dynamic and versatile, the MP40w provides the power you require in your fresh or salt water aquarium. Great for creating the water flow your corals need to mimic their natural environments, the pump also helps eliminate dead spots in your aquarium, improving water quality and reducing algae growth.

The magnetic couple design keeps the motor driver on the outside of the aquarium, reducing unwanted heat and eliminating the chance of electrical discharge within the aquarium.With each VorTech Pump, you gain full control over the flow of water with the following modes:

  • Lagoon Mode: simulate low-energy lagoon environment movements
  • Reef Crest Mode: perfect for SPS corals, it simulates high-energy reef environments, with crashing waves and surging tides
  • Gyre Mode: creates clockwise/counterclockwise movements, at selectable intervals between 2 seconds and 2 hours
  • Short Pulse Mode: uniform high and low levels at selectable intervals between 0.2 and 2 seconds
  • Tidal Swell Mode: mimics balanced flow conditions found in nature, changing from chaotic to calm with a cycle ending surge simulating a detritus clearing surge
  • Nutrient Transport Mode: two phased program that features a wave motion to clear detritus and a surging motion to clear the detritus towards your filter flow
  • Feed Mode: temporarily stop water flow to allow food to be introduced to the system and prevent it from being swept away into the filter
  • Night Mode: gentler night cycle to mimic calmer ocean conditions
  • Wave Auto-Tune: creates a customized standing wave to fit your system

VorTech pumps can be fully maintained wirelessly with the EcoTech ReefLink (sold separately) and EcoSmart Live software, allowing you to monitor and control the pump from your computer or smart phone application!

Compatible with the VorTech Battery Backup, saving your aquarium from harm during power outages, keeping water flowing for up to 36 hours.

Dry Side: 3 in. x 2.25 in.
Wet Side: 3 in. x 3 in.

Flow Rate: 4500+ gph

Tank Thickness: max 0.75 in.

Clearance Needed Behind Aquarium: 3 in.

Power: 9-28 watts

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Powerful, sleek, and customizable. Everything you need and then some. When the time comes and you learn flow is grow... better have a vortech!

Poor reliability


After spending over$700 on two MP40 pumps back in late 2015 (less than 4 years ago), I've had both of my pumps fail. I'm one of those people where I clean them on a regular basis. Although configuring the schedules were a bit difficult via the difficult to use user interface (GUI), overall I found these to be very good in terms of performance. However, reliability is another factor altogether. Not long after I bought the pumps I noticed that the Wet Side would sometimes fall off. Other times the dry side would fall off. Either way, for some reason the magnetic coupling between the wet and dry side would not be strong enough to hold the two together. I contacted Ecotech to ask if I have a defective pump, and they told me no I do not have a defective pump and gave me some troubleshooting tips which didn't fix the issue. They said this is a common failure mode and it means the pump needs to be replaced.