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Water Clarifier - 16.9 oz.

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Aqua Rem helps keep the water clean and clear by safely clumping contaminants into removable masses which sink to the pond's bottom. Remove by filtration, wet vacuum or skimming net. Treats 2,500 gallons of water. For outdoor ponds only.
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Directions: Shake well. Use in morning for best results. Dose 10 ml for every 50 gallons of tap water or 1/4 cup for every 300 gallons of pond water. Dilute the proper dosage in a bucket of water. Pour diluted mixture into the pond evenly along the edges and in the middle. Stir the water to further dilute the solution throughout the pond. Provide aeration to the pond with fountain, waterfall or air pump when using this product. Keep pumps running 24 hours a day. Re-dose as required, allowing 3 days between treatments using 1/2 dosage

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