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Whisper 3i In-tank Filter - Up to 3 gal.

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Efficient, air-powered Whisper 3i filter cleans and aerates tanks up to 3 gallons with the efficiency of a full-size power filter. Handy Whisper Bio Bags provide chemical and mechanical filtration for crystal clear water. Includes filter, air pump, small Whisper Bio Bag Cartridge, and 2 ft. of airline tubing. Uses small Whisper Bio Bag Filters.

For more info on Internal or Submersible Filtration, please see Internal Aquarium Filter Basics.

Includes MediaIncludes 1 small Bio Bag Cartridge, airline tubing
Warranty1 year Warranty
UL ListedNo
Max Tank Size3 gal.
Length2.25 in.
Width2.25 in.
Height4 in.

Sad little filter system.


This is a joke of a filter system. The set up is ridiculous ..... very noisy and the pump sitting out ends up vibrating on things. I would not recommend this at all.



Have now purchased three (?) of these (it's the only one that the store near me carries for small tanks - which is why I am now ordering one online) and have run into the same issue with every one. They work great at first but after a few months they have some sort of issue where the water doesn't have quite enough 'oomph' to get over the lip of the filter. If I take it out and rinse it etc it starts to work again - Sometimes for days, sometimes weeks. There is nothing blocking the flow of air that is visible. The suction cups are always coming off as well - or more accurately, the filter is always coming off the wall of the tank because the parts that stick into the suction cups don't stay in very well.



This filter worked great when I first got it. I have 2 fish tanks and both are having issues with this pump. We are constantly having to take it out and blow air through the bottom part to get it to filter. The water will get to the top of the filter contaner put will not push it out. I have even bought an entire new pump and within a couple of months it was doing the same thing.

Good for the price


Air pump was noisy at first but turns out the power cord was just vibrating on the table, I moved it around a bit and it's nice and quiet now. I like the way it uses air bubbles to move water through the filter, very simple and compact design.

Way to loud


the filter fit great but when I plugged it in the whole dresser vibrated. The fish tank was vibrating. At the moment I have the little black part the gets plugged in sitting on a folded up t-shirt to help muffle the vibration. Maybe its a bad unit. I can hear it from the living room too. need something else.

Great filter for small tanks


Perfect filter for small tanks, provides good filtration.

Great for bettas!


I have mine in my 2.5 gallon tank. Works perfect for my betta, the current is very low in my tank now and my betta isn't getting pushed around by the water. Perfect!

Good little filter


Very quiet and simple.

Good filter


Perfect for my little tank. Filters are inexpensive and easy to replace.



i have one of this filters and i was just wondering where the pump goes like does it sit out of the tank because mine is not working, and it is really making me mad