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Willows Reef - RhodoFeast - 4 oz

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RHODOFEAST - A direct feed Probiotic aquarium supplement you can use with any dry or frozen aquarium food for coral or fish. This is a live probiotic aquarium supplement. The bacteria in this product are cultured in a specific manner that makes them adapted to colonizing the animal gut. Their express purpose is to provide nutritional and immunological benefits to the fish, corals, and other animals that consume them.


The bacteria in Rhodofeast are Rhodopseudomonas palustris. R. palustris is an extremely ancient purple non-sulfur bacterium (PNSB). It is flagellated and can swim among the bacterioplankton but can also attach to a substrate and form biofilms. Swimming cells can join films, but not vice versa. Like most PNSB, this species is facultatively anaerobic. Especially compared to other PNSB, it proliferates easily in the presence of oxygen but prefers anaerobic conditions.


How do you use it?
1. Add up to one dropper full to each ½ tsp of CoralFeast using the dropper. To avoid contaminating the product, do not allow the dropper to contact the food, your fingers, etc. Replace cap immediately after use. 2. Add AminoFeast per product directions. 3. Draw slurry into a large syringe and target feed per CoralFeast product directions. 4. The microbes used in this product are 100% safe, non-toxic, and nonpathogenic. Therefore, this product cannot be overdosed. 5. Store the bottle at room temperature out of direct sunlight.

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