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Zilla Lizard Litter - 8 qt.

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Lizard Litter 100 percent natural premium mix of white fir shavings and ground eucalyptus is ideal for all habitats. This ultra-absorbent bedding is specially sized for the safety and comfort of reptiles. No noxious resins or oils are added, just fresh, natural scent completely non-toxic to pets. Ideal for species of Skinks, Snakes, Monitors & Swifts.

For help selecting the proper bedding for your pet, download the Bedding Guide from R-Zilla.


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Contains: premium white fir shavings and ground eucalyptus



1. Pour bedding into terrarium and landscape as desired. A depth of 1-2 inches is recommended.
2. Remove animal waste and soiled bedding daily. Replace bedding monthly or as needed.

Feeding: Always feed reptiles from a shallow bowl or plate. Always provide a separate bowl of fresh water. When feeding live food, it is best to feed the reptil in a separate container or a terrarium that contains no substrate.

Humidity: It may be necessary to add humidity depending on the species of reptile. If misting is necessary, the bedding will absorb any excess moisture which will then be released back into the terrarium over time.

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