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    Aquarium Lily - Nymphaea sp.

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    Item # 198807 / Manufacturer Part # F66 0036 0105

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    Due to state restrictions, this plant cannot be shipped to Minnesota.

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    Aquarium Lilies (Nymphaea sp.) are dramatic middle and background plants for the aquarium, terrarium or palladium. They will produce tall, floating leaves of mottled green and red as well as small submerged leaves. They occasionally grow a flower that blooms at night above the water level. Pruning the floating leaves will help to keep the plant compact.

    Lilies are very heavy root feeders and need a nutrient rich soil and benefit from extra fertilizers. Take care when planting these plants in a tank with snails or other algae eaters as the delicate leaves can be easily eaten or damaged.

    Please note: This lily is typically sold as a tuber with no or very small leaves. The leaves will grow when established in an aquarium.
    Common NameAquarium Lily
    Scientific NameNymphaea sp.
    Plant pH6.5-7.5
    Growth RateModerate
    Light IntensityModerate to High
    Water HardnessSoft
    Temperature Range72-80
    FlowersBlooms above water level
    DifficultyEasy to Moderate

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