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    FilStar XP-Series Canister Filters


    Starting at: $109.99

    API FilStar XP Canister Filters are designed for effortless installation, trouble-free maintenance, and of course, the incomparable aquarium filtration you expect. The FilStar XP series anisters provide proven performance along with the ability to customize your aquarium filtration media to meet whatever challenges your aquarium demands. The FilStar Canister Filters' stackable filter media baskets have a no bypass design, which maximizes the ability of your filter media, and are easily removed for simple maintenace. The API FilStar is ideal for freshwater or marine aquarium, models are available for aquariums up to 265 gallons.

    Here is a complete Manufacturer's installation guide

    Average Rating

    3 yr old XP XL burned out already 6/16/2016

    Reviewer: Rachelle

    Found the motor housing hot to the touch one day when I noticed no water flow from the outlet tube. After removing the motor from the top, the water inside the canister was so hot I couldn't put my hands in it to remove the media baskets. Had to let it cool, and thought maybe the media clogged it up. Replaced all media, put everything back together, started it up and water was coming out of the motor housing, including (and especially of concern) where the power cord goes into the housing. Yikes! Sent an email to Filstar corp and the place I bought it from. Had heard these last for many years, not just 3 :( PS - filter media for this is pretty spendy if you replace it regularly.

    Love it 9/11/2015

    Reviewer: Mike

    I have the XP M on a 46 bow front with live plants it filters the water crystal clear. The thing I like the most is the ease of disconnecting it to clean it then hooking it back up. I have had several canister filters but this one great at I love it.

    Dori 5/22/2015

    Reviewer: Darlene Haley

    I have had this filter for about 9 years on a 75 gallon tank. Have changed seals once about a year ago. No leaks just thought it might be time. Great filter and still going strong.

    Not very durable 7/16/2014

    Reviewer: Ronde

    I bought this tank one year ago. Two of the snap on handles broke within one month. It is now starting to leak. I have changed seal.stil leaks. I was looking for a filter system to last a little longer. Would not recommend.

    not that great of a filter 3/4/2014

    Reviewer: warren compton

    owned the largest size of this filter for at least 3 years. Have tried all kinds of different medium with different sized fish. The tank still has to be cleaned twice a month. Sorry not impressed with this filter

    see through canister 12/27/2013

    Reviewer: Randall

    This one of the very few filters that have a translucent/transparent canister. I like to have the ability to actually view the water as it flows through the filter, to monitor rate and quality. These provide for more volume/surface are for filter media compared to others with the same footprint, as these are square and not round. I have 2 (s) and 3 (m) and all function very well. Although very quiet, there is a low hum that probably can't be avoided.

    XP2 canister filter 11/12/2013

    Reviewer: Tom

    I've had the XP2 for about 5 years now and it's one of the best canister filters I've ever used. I've had no issues with leaks or failure of any kind. It'ssimple and easy to change and clean filters and media. I've been keeping aquriums for 25+ years and will purchase a Rena XP for my next tank.

    XP M 3/13/2013

    Reviewer: Trent

    I have a 40 gallon breeder and previously used a Marineland canister. Switched to the XP M and enjoying it. They could include more bio-stars though, tubing isn't too flexible, but then again maybe that is a good thing. Filter is quiet, works well and provides great flow to the tank water. Water is clear, and will be getting additional filter media for the XP M

    XP 2 Canister filter 3/12/2013

    Reviewer: Richard Andersonq

    Did a great job for 3 years then the motor failed. Not happy with that. Didn't like the flexible tubes for the intake and discharge. They are not very flexible.

    Great Filter. 11/9/2012

    Reviewer: Tom in Orange CA

    I have had the XP L (three section) for four years. 135 Gal tank, no problems, clear water.

    Great cleaner, unbeatable price 9/24/2012

    Reviewer: rakolina

    I have two xp3 filters running two tanks. For the past year I have spent minimum time cleaning and maximum time enjoying my tanks

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