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    True Siamese Algae Eater - Crossocheilus siamensis

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    Item # 208052 / Manufacturer Part # F90 0022 2105

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    The True Siamese Algae Eater (Crossocheilus siamensis) is one of the most popular algae eaters, especially to help control nuisance algaes in planted aquariums, although they will eat other foods including flakes and pellets. Its similarity to others in its genus can lead to confusion with its identification however and the "true" Crossocheilus siamensis is not available often. This species has a black stripe running from the tip of its head all the way through its tail.

    Crossocheilus algae eaters are native to high-flow rivers and streams and need a steady current and high oxygen levels to thrive in the aquarium. They do not tolerate subpar water conditions with high nitrate and dissolved organics so water parameters must be maintained pristine.

    These fish are true algae eaters and graze on the surface of the substrate, plants and decor. They will also feed on the nuisance "Black Beard Algae" plaguing some systems. Their diet should consist of plant matters like Spirulina flakes or wafers and fresh veggies like peas or zucchini as well as algae growing in the aquarium. They will eat other foods like flakes and pellets but avoid high protein (ie. meaty) diets.
    Common NameTrue Siamese Algae Eater
    Scientific NameCrossocheilus siamensis
    Max Size (in inches)6.25
    Community SafeYes
    pH Range6.5-7.5
    DietOmnivore (mostly plants)
    Min Tank Size (in gallons)55
    Temperature Range75-78

    Average Rating

    Siamese Algae Eaters 5/9/2013

    Reviewer: Miguel

    Came in the day after I ordered. Arrived very healthy and adjusted to the community immediately. They have severely reduced the Black Beard Algae in the tank.

    Siamese Algae Eaters 4/21/2013

    Reviewer: Ed J

    Arrived alive and in good condition. They do nibble on black algae but they'll eat cucumbers, zucchini and fish food as well.

    True Siamese Algae Eaters 3/19/2013

    Reviewer: Bob Menzel

    Came in great and did well. They seem to be doing the job that I bought them for, eating the black hair algae in my tank!

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