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    Baby Nursery for Live Bearers

    Koller Craft

    Item # 215645 / Manufacturer Part # 1265

    Was $7.49
    Now $7.49
    A built-in filter and side vents make this a versatile nursery or isolation tank. Partitions allow fry to be protected from the mother and other fish and a removable center divider allows two pregnant fish to be housed at the same time. The nursery can also be used to isolate aggressive or injured fish from other tankmates.
    Length3.25 in.
    Width5.5 in.
    Height4.25 in.

    Average Rating

    Could be a Little Bigger 3/31/2014

    Reviewer: Dave from AZ

    A well designed device, but it is definitely a one fish at a time nursery with some weakness is fry removal. A single large female guppy crowds the box--two females at once is questionable. Also transferring the female back into the tank and moving the fry to a nursery tank is a complex process because of the caging system and slots in the bottom of the birthing box.

    Nice 6/3/2013

    Reviewer: Vickie

    Works good love how it suctions to side of tank and the filter actually works.

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