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    Battery Operated Digital Thermometer


    Item # 209362 / Manufacturer Part # 05032

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    This unit is ideal for aquariums and terrariums.

    Features include: readings in 0.1 degrees F. or C., temperature range is -10 to 140 degrees F. (23 to 60 degrees C.); mounting suction cups and battery are included; 39 in. long temperature probe.
    Thermometer is 2 1/2 in. x 1 1/2 in. x 1/2 in.

    Average Rating

    when it works, it works 11/23/2015

    Reviewer: RobG

    Have had this for a little over a year. Seems to burn through batteries. When it decides to work, it seems to be accurate. power button never worked, so stays on all the time. Should be able to last at least 2 years on a battery, like a watch. I've spent more on batteries than the thermometer :)

    Part time help 11/24/2014

    Reviewer: K Lewis

    When it works, it appears to match the setting on the heater dial. Sometimes it just flashes random numbers and must be turned off and back on to correct the problem. I personally do not trust it. I am buying something else more reliable

    Does the job 7/21/2014

    Reviewer: LA

    Simple and effective. Rapid response time. Great price.

    Digital Thermometer 4/28/2014

    Reviewer: Mohamed Katerji

    Great product ,got on time for my new fish tank

    Works Great 1/20/2014

    Reviewer: BF

    Easy to read and very accurate. I am replacing all my other thermometers to this one.

    Digital Thermometer 1/10/2014

    Reviewer: JR

    Easy to read and install. Reads 2 degrees higher than my floating thermometer, not sure which one is off.

    Did I get a bad one? 12/20/2013

    Reviewer: Brian Haylock

    After reading the other reviews I am thinking I have the bad one of the batch. Does not give an accurate reading at least 110 degrees out.

    Very Happy 10/18/2013

    Reviewer: Vatche

    Works well, cross checked it with a tradtonal type thermometer and this seems right on, only wish it had a back light or some kind of illumination.

    Great thermometer 7/10/2013

    Reviewer: Andrea

    Great little thermometer. Very accurate, better than the strips and hides well in my tank. I turn it off once I've checked the temp to make the battery last longer.

    Accurate, long-lasting, unobtrusive--a bargain 6/21/2013

    Reviewer: b

    An accurate, long-lasting (4+ yrs) thermometer. Onobtrusive design--both internally and externally. All my thermometers will be digital as a result of how well this one has performed. A bargain.

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