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    API CO2 Booster Liquid - 16 oz.


    Item # 253903 / Manufacturer Part # 579e

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    Makes your plants grow twice as fast than competing liquids and without costly CO2 equipment. Unique glutaral compound feeds your plants with massive amounts of carbon. CO2 Booster won't alter pH.
    Treats up to5000 gal.
    Directions: Use the API Dosing Cap on the bottle. Add 1 ml for 10 US gallons or 5 ml for 50 US gallons. Dose once a day.
    Contains Glutaral.

    Average Rating

    Fantastic 4/11/2014

    Reviewer: Amanda

    I have a fully planted freshwater tank with about a dozen different plant varieties. I have absolutely no fertilizer and this is the only thing I add to feed the plants. My plants are thriving tremendously and rarely ever do I have a yellowing leaf. This stuff is amazing and I have been using it daily for years!!!

    Using to control bluegreen algae 6/27/2013

    Reviewer: Jessica

    I've used this stuff, not only for co2 but it helps to kill cyano bacteria in my 10 that got contaminated from new fish. It helped stop the growth so that I could remove it completely.