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    API Root Tabs Plant Fertilizer - 10 Tabs


    Item # 236403 / Manufacturer Part # 577C

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    Now $5.96
    Quick aquatic plant fertilizer tabs can be placed directly into your pond plants' soil for absorption and enhanced growth. Your plants will flourish with potent Root Tabs.
    Add 1 tablet for each 30 sq. in. of gravel surface. Push midway into gravel bed. (A standard 10 gallon aquarium requires 6 tablets). Add new tablets monthly for optimum plant growth.
    Guaranteed Analysis 3-1-1

    Total Nitrogen (N)...3%
    Water Soluble Nitrogen...2.13%
    Other Water Soluble Nitrogen...0.53%
    Urea Nitrogen...0.34%

    Available Phosphate...1.0%
    Soluble Potash (K2O)...1.0%
    Iron (Fe)...5.0%
    5% Chelated Iron (Fe)

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