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    Tetra Parasite Guard Tabs - 8 pk.


    Item # 248881 / Manufacturer Part # 77346

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    Fast dissolving, pre-measured Tetra Fizz tablets that make caring for aquariums fast, easy and more convenient than other brands of tablets and capsules. As a tablet is dropped into an aquarium, the fizzing action assures that you know its working, immediately dispersing its ingredients throughout the aquarium. Parasite Guard removes external and internal parasites from tropical fish including protozoans, flukes, lice, anchor worms and flagellates such as hexamita or spironucleus which cause hole-in-the-head disease. Harmful to snails and crustaceans. Each tablet treats 10 gallons of water.
    FormFizz Tablets
    Praziquantel, diflubenzuron, metronidazole, acriflavine.

    Average Rating

    parasite guard 9/14/2014

    Reviewer: doug hipkins

    trying to get rid of Hole in the head on my Oscar.Can't find Jungle Hole in the Head treatment.Tried this,doesn't work.Trying some zole at the moment,doesn't seam to be working either.Don't know why Jungle quit making Hole in the head treatment,it was quick and did the job.

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