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Convict Cichlid - Amatitlania nigrofasciata - Small

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Convict Cichlids are so called due to the pattern of black bars adorning their blue-grey bodies. Females will often have bright red, pink, or orange coloration on their bellies, particularly when she is spawning.


As quite an aggressive cichlid, Convicts are best kept with cichlids of larger size or equal temperament. While they will uproot most plants and enjoy digging and moving things around in their home, suitable decoration includes rockwork, driftwood, plants, and any other areas that will provide shelter and hiding space. Convicts are very easy to breed and pairs form quite easily. They may breed numerous times throughout the year, leaving you with a plethora of young fish. Feed Convicts a variety of meaty foods, as well as vegetable matter, like lettuce. A hearty flake or pellet is fine as a staple diet.

Common NameConvict Cichlid - Small
Scientific NameAmatitlania nigrofasciata
OriginCentral America
Max Size (in inches)6
Community SafeNo
pH Range7.0-8.0
Min Tank Size (in gallons)55
Temperature Range76-82

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