Madagascar Lace - Aponogeton madagascarensis

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Madagascar Lace (Aponogeton madagascarensis) is a bulb plant with long, delicate, net-like leaves. It requires specific water conditions and is often difficult to establish. When established, it may flower at water surface, producing a rich scent. This plant cannot tolerate high temperatures and will quickly deteriorate if too warm. They can be kept as a background plant in moderately-lit aquariums, or in indirect high lighting (high lighting diffused through floating plants or decor).

Aponogeton plants grow from a tuber or bulb. The amount and size of leaves on the bulb may vary at the time of purchase. They will eventually lose its foliage and retreat into dormancy as a reaction to seasonal changes like temperature or drought in the wild. In good conditions, the bulb should store enough energy to re-sprout after several weeks to begin the growth cycle again. A nutrient-rich substrate will help provide them with the nourishment they need to recover from their "hibernation". The bulb can be left in the substrate during this dormancy, or it can be removed and stored in a wet media like peat moss or sand until it begins to sprout again. If replanting a bulb, make sure that it is planting right-side-up as a bulb that is planted upside-down is not likely to recover.

Most Aponogetons will grow very long, flowing leaves. Some may emerge from the water while most will float across the surface. Take care that any floating leaves do not shade plants underneath it that may need the light. Many Aponogetons have also been known to flower in home aquariums, producing an attractive (and fragrant) bloom.

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That Fish Place
Common NameMadagascar Lace
Scientific NameAponogeton madagascariensis
Plant pH5.0-7.0
Growth RateModerate to Fast
Light IntensityModerate to High (indirect)
Water HardnessSoft to Moderate
Temperature Range68-78
FlowersEmerged: white spike
Internal Id

State Restrictions
Armed Forces Americas
Armed Forces Europe
Armed Forces Pacific
Puerto Rico


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different than what I expected


The plant is great but requires good light and lots of Iron and Trace. The opening in the leaves are much finer.