Randall's Devilfish - Assessor randalli

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Assessors are perfect for smaller peaceful aquariums. They have a small adult size and are not known to bother other tankmates or invertebrates. Though they may be shy at first and need caves and ledges to retreat to, they will spend more time in the open with time. Assessors can often be seen swimming or hovering upside-down in the water. They are timid and should not be kept with bullying or aggressive tankmates; stressed Assessors have been known to jump from aquarium.

Assessors can be fed a variety of meaty foods like brine shrimp, mysis, bits of clam, scallop or squid and other similar items. They will do best in an established systems with healthy microinvertebrate populations that they can graze on. Assessors are fairly disease-resistant if kept in a proper environment with a suitable diet.

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That Fish Place
Common NameRandall's Devilfish
Scientific NameAssessor randalli
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Puerto Rico


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